Terms and Conditions

1. dynamic-capitals (hereafter “Dynamic” or the “Company”) is a Firm incorporated and registered under the laws of the Republic of the Marshall Islands with registration number 88796789. The Company is registered to provide the investment services specified in these Terms and Conditions (hereafter the “Agreement”).

1.2 The domain name https://www.dynamic-capital.net/ (hereafter the “Website”) is owned solely by dynamic-capital. The Company may also register and operate other websites mainly for promotional and marketing purposes in languages other than English.

1.3 The Client accepts and understands that the official language of the Company is the English language. The Client should always refer to the ‘Legal Documents’ posted on the Website of the Company for all information and disclosures about the Company and its activities.

1.4 The relationship between the Client and the Company shall be governed by this Agreement. In the case where a Client prefers to have a signed copy of the Agreement, then the Client needs to contact the company on info@dynamic-capital.net

1.5 Client will not allow to trade under 2 minutes with suspicious activity. All position will be reconcile and account will be suspend in period of time investigation.

2. Definitions – Interpretations

“Access Codes” means any credentials provided by the Company for accessing the Company’s Trading Platform or credentials used by the Client to access the Company’s ‘Client Area’.

“Applicable Regulation” means the rules of any relevant regulatory authority, the rules of any relevant exchange, and all other applicable laws and rules in force from time to time.

“Authorised Person” means an individual duly authorised on behalf of the Client to perform under the present Agreement.

“Balance/Account Balance” means the total financial result of all fully executed Transactions and deposits/withdrawals to/from an account.

“Client” means any natural or legal person to whom the Company provides investment and/or ancillary Services.

“Client Account/Trading Account” means any and all accounts opened by the Company for the Client under the Agreement.

“Client’s Bank Account/Personal Account” means an account held in the name of the Client and/or the name of the Company on behalf of the Client with a bank or other institution or any electronic payment provider or a credit card processor.

“Company” means dynamic-capital PVT LTD. (Hereafter “Dynamic”) or We.

“Contract Specification” means the trading information details including Spreads, Swaps, Margin requirements, lot sizes per each Financial Instrument offered by the Company. This can be found on the ‘Instruments’ page of the Company’s Website.

“Deposit Currency” means the main currency of the Client’s Account.

“Electronic Systems” means any trading facility offered by the Company (e.g. Trading Platforms, Web-Based Platforms, Mobile Platforms, etc.), including the Company’s ‘Client Area’.

“Equity” means the secure part of the Client’s Account, considering the open positions, bound with the Balance and open positions profit/loss by the following formula: Balance +/- Open Positions +/- Swap – Commission.

“Financial Instruments/Financial Securities” means the Financial Instruments described in in the Agreement under paragraph 4.

“Free Margin” means the amount of funds in the Client’s Account that can be used for trading; Free Margin = Equity – Margin.

“He/His” means he/his/him/himself or she/her/herself.

“Introducing Broker/Affiliate” means any legal entity or a natural person obtaining remuneration from the Company and/or Clients for introducing Clients to the Company.

“KYC” means Know Your Customer.

“Margin” means the required funds that a Client will need to open a position.

“Margin Level” means: (Equity / Margin) * 100; it determines the conditions of the Client’s Account.

“Multilateral Trading Facility (MTF)” means a multilateral system operated by an Investment Firm or market operator, which brings together or facilitates the bringing together of multiple third-party buying and selling interests in Financial Instruments - in the system and in accordance with its nondiscretionary rules - in a way that results in a contract.

“Over The Counter (OTC)” means a security traded in some context other than on a formal exchange.

“Power Of Attorney” means the power to authorise a third party to act on behalf of the Client in all the business relationships with the Company.

“Regulated Market” means the multilateral system managed or operated by a market operator and which brings together or facilitates the bringing together of multiple third-party buying and/or selling interests in Financial Instruments; in the system and in accordance with its non-discretionary rules; in a way that results in a contract, in respect of the Financial Instruments admitted to trading under its rules and/or systems, in which are authorised and functions regularly in accordance with laws and provisions of the Republic of the Marshall Island.

“Swap” means overnight Swap Rate/Fee otherwise known as Financing Fee.

“Transaction” means any type of Transaction performed in the Client’s Account including but not limited to purchase and sale Transactions involving Financial Instruments, deposits, withdrawals, etc.

3. Application

3.1 The Agreement (and any amendments to this Agreement) supersedes any previous agreement between the Company and the Client on the same subject matter and takes effect between the Company and the Client. The Client will not be notified of any amendments and it is the Client’s responsibility to visit the Company’s Website and review the Terms and Conditions on a regular basis.

3.2 The Agreement sets out the basis on which the Company agrees to provide Investment and Ancillary Services. Depending on the service, the Company will be subject to, among other things, as relevant, the Regulations, the protection of Personal Data Law and other codes of conduct and/or circulars applicable to the provision of relevant services issued by the Republic of the Marshall Islands.

3.3 . The Agreement is provided to assist the Client in making an informed decision about the Company, its services and the risks of trading in the provided “Financial Instruments”.

3.4 . The Agreement should be read in its entirety in deciding whether to acquire or to continue to hold any Financial Instrument and/or to be provided by the Company any Investment and/or ancillary service.

3.5 The Agreement governs all investment and/or ancillary services provided by the Company.

Provision of Services

4.1 The Provision of Services are in accordance with the laws of the Republic of the Marshall Islands and shall involve “Transactions” in all Financial Instruments as per below:

(a) Transferable securities;

(b) Money-market instruments;

(c) Units in collective investment undertakings;